Charleston Green has partnered with the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program to help support their efforts to rescue endangered sea turtles.  A portion of the proceeds from your Charleston Green purchase go to support their program.

When we chose to make a polo shirt out of yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, we knew that we were going to make a positive impact on our environment.  It is well known that sea turtles are prone to eating and getting stuck in the plastic debris that scours our oceans.  It is our hope that by using recycled plastic bottles as the source of our yarns, we can bring awareness to the importance of recycling and reduce the amount of garbage that enters the ocean and surrounding waterways.

When we toured The South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Resuce program we were shown a jar that contained plastics that a loggerhead turtle named Midway had ingested.  Below is a picture of those plastics:


Here is more about Midway's story -


To find out more about The South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program, visit


(Green Sea Turtle Swimming in Maui, Hawaii)


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